Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Where Am I? What Is This Place?


Is anybody in here?

Wow. I haven't come here in years!

I shan't get too comfy, though. I only came here to pack all my things and to tell whoever's still here that I've permanently moved to a new address.

Although... While I'm here, I might as well linger a tiny bit longer with anyone who might still be lurking in this dusty ol' place.

Let's chat. I'd make you some tea, but I'm afraid my tea set's already been sent over to my new place... No, seriously. If you've been there, you'd know. There is just so much tea there. And coffee. Yes, I've been drinking coffee again. Because YOLO.

*looks around the space, reminiscing about all the good times and all the bitter times. Wipes tears.*

I grew up here.

I must say, though, that I grew up a whole lot more since my last post on this blog. I never meant to stop writing so abruptly, but I guess this Jot Book just ran out of pages. I had to move on.

I've done a lot of moving on.

Thanks for subscribing to this blog and for following me, dear readers. It was fun exchanging ideas and opinions in the comments pages and making new friends over these silly posts.

You're always welcome to my new place, of course. I'd be able to serve you tea there. Or coffee. I might not be as talkative there because I've mellowed out a bit in my old age (:P), but there's art and music and literature and pretty things and the odd rant every now and again.Come! It'll be fun.

Send me a message via facebook and I'll give you the directions to my new place.  

Lots of love and cookies (if I had any. All the cookies are at my new place!)

from Me.